The owners of Franklin Logistics and Development (FLD) have extensive experience with the land development and construction phases of the commercial and industrial real estate market. FLD has relationships with local municipalities and various regional banks that allow it to purchase, develop and construct facilities as the opportunities arise. We have numerous financial partners that understand the risks of real estate development and are capable of reacting to market conditions to take advantage of opportunities. Our success is in part due to its ability to react quickly to market opportunities and its ability to assess the risks and rewards associated with each project. This ability coupled with the owner's collective reputations within the community and industry, a strong work ethic and an extensive network of contacts allows us to be competitive even with larger national commercial and industrial land development companies. Making the most of real estate development opportunities- that is what we are here to do.


Our mission is to acquire, develop, build and lease facilities in South Central Pennsylvania -- focusing primarily on the commercial and industrial real estate market, but including residential properties in our project mix. In doing our job, we rely on two attributes -knowledge and discipline- to make the most of the opportunities we encounter.

We're knowledgeable about our marketplace, its upside rewards and downside risks. We know how to work honestly and effectively with government officials, regulatory agencies and community leaders alike. We bring financial savvy -- as well as tight fiscal and operating controls-to every project. And we remain flexible-ready to shift focus, alter plans, work with new players whenever it's necessary, to develop a project that will truly meet our customers needs.


• Cross docking

• Fulfillment

• Pick/Pack Sub-Assembly

• Vendor-Managed Inventory

• Rail-Reload Center

• CSX Premier Provider


  • I-81, Exit 20

    Acreage: 27.5 Location: Black Gap Road/Route 997 & I-81 County: Read More

  • WCN Drive Lot 2

    Acreage: 40 Location: Guilford Springs Road County: Franklin Township: Guilford Read More

  • WCN Drive Lot 1

    Acreage: 52 Location: WCN Drive, Eastside Fronting on I-81 S Read More