Are you struggling to find the perfect location to meet your every business need?

Depending on where you are located, it can sometimes be more difficult to sell your products and services to get your business growing in your local area. Within marketing research, it’s been found that areas have varying demands, whether this is certain types of foods and beverages, specific consumer goods, or even industrial building materials.

Every location is hit with different surges of customer needs. So, how do you know where the best location home base to set up your business is?

Firstly, one of the main things to consider is what transportation links are like in each state. You’ll want to grow your business in a state that has efficient transport connections for you to expand your customer reach.

The importance of transport links

The importance of transport connections is often overlooked, but this factor can be crucial to business success. By settling in a state with great transport links, you can reach bigger areas, therefore increasing your business’ potential.

With reliable transport links to depend on, you may also be able to increase your profits through the accessibility that these connections will offer you. Customers are always on the lookout for products and services that provide the best accessibility, often wanting goods to be delivered straight to their front door rather than having to leave the house to source goods for themselves. Therefore, in this age of an increasingly competitive market, your business needs to rely on efficient transport links so that you can provide a service that customers would be satisfied with.

Lastly, utilizing transport across your home base state and beyond will help you raise awareness for your business. More customers will be introduced to your products or services, increasing the likelihood of more profit.

This makes the state of Pennsylvania an ideal location to set up your business in. It is home to the exemplary service provided by Franklin Logistics and Development, a company that strives to meet every customer need with its logistics, distribution, and transportation solutions and team with years of experience spanning across various industries.

Franklin Logistics

Providing a local service within national reach, this company is located in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. This is a great home base due to half of the continental United States being situated within 24 hours of the company’s highly sought-after warehouses. Moreover, Franklin Logistics can facilitate access to airports, seaports, and railway lines to help every business distribute products and services across both the nation and the globe.

Direct access to rail links

Franklin Logistics is served directly by CSX and NS, 2 Class 1 Railroads designed for incredibly convenient rail loading and unloading solutions. This makes Pennsylvania the perfect location for your transportation home base since the direct rail links make it easy for you to transfer your goods throughout the whole spread of the state with ease. In turn, this creates accessibility and timely deliveries. All of this impeccable efficiency adds up to produce happy customers, who will hopefully continue to use your service. After all, a good first impression on consumers can significantly enhance your profits. These incredible transport links in Pennsylvania can, therefore, benefit your business and grow it with the vision of success that you originally imagined.

The benefits of rail

The direct access to rail lines in Pennsylvania brings businesses a vast array of benefits. This is because rail transportation is fairly cost-effective compared to other modes of transport, with few employees onboard the train and large amounts being able to be carried in a singular journey. The bulk capacity allows you to transfer large amounts of products from your base to different locations since trains can easily store and withstand the weight of common bulk material orders. Rail transportation is also known for covering large distances in little time, building up the efficiency of getting your products out there to different stores and customer homes as quickly as possible.

If this wasn’t enough, rail is also one of the safest ways to transfer items, with breakdowns and accidents being incredibly rare compared to other types of transport. This increases the chance of your products being kept safe throughout the journey. Therefore, with this transportation service being available to you through Franklin Logistics, Pennsylvania is an appropriate location for your transportation home base.

With great access to rail transportation, van services, flatbed services, and more, Franklin Logistics can meet your needs in Pennsylvania, making it a great location for your transportation home base.