Franklin Logistics is a premier 3PL provider based in the mid-Atlantic region with national and global reach. While always putting the customer first, having a local storage provider partnership can create massive advantages for any business, whatever logistics needs you may have.

Serving storage needs in sectors such as food and beverage, industrial, consumer goods, packaging, and automotive industries, Pennsylvania-based Franklin Logistics is dedicated to meeting a range of custom warehousing and transportation logistics requirements. In fact, half of the continental United States is situated within 24 hours reach of one of Franklin Logistics’ conveniently placed warehouses. Ambitiously striving to facilitate easy access to airports, rail lines, and seaports, we are here to help a range of clients reach their goals.

In terms of consumer goods storage, Franklin Logistics offer dependable delivery and logistics services in this area, employing an experienced team to help manage and distribute inventory supply chains in an incredibly efficient way. In terms of the food and beverage industry, the company offer specialized warehouse solutions that create sufficient storage for items and the right conditions to help products maintain quality and care. While offering secured lots for building products like steel, contract and multi-client warehousing solutions are also on offer to meet a range of storage needs. Safety and handling are crucial in this company’s storage process, although clients can also benefit from full EDI capabilities and cross-docking.

So, what are the advantages of choosing a local storage provider within national reach? Read on for more information and start accessing the benefits that Franklin Logistics can offer you as an individual today!

It creates vast accessibility for a range of needs

One of the main benefits of choosing a local storage provider within national reach is that customers will probably be able to reach a storage unit close to where they live. This is ideal for storage as people can easily drop off and pick up items whenever they want, without wasting time and money on petrol. With this in mind, local storage providers are especially useful for those wanting to drop off and pick up things on a regular basis since short distances provide the utmost convenience. For example, this could include business owners needing to store excess products outside of their regular shop. As long journeys are not only unwelcome but tiring and costly too, Franklin Logistics’ local storage provisions across the nation can be something to depend on.

Local storage providers within national reach often offer competitive costs

It’s certainly worth looking at these types of storage providers due to the competitive costs they offer. While the majority of local businesses are committed to offering a fair price for the storage services they offer and take pride in their business rates, having this on a national level can make prices even more reasonable. This is because larger business chains can usually afford to offer lower prices. At Franklin Logistics, the company believe in offering a fair rate for a fair service across Pennsylvania.

They can provide exemplary customer service

Local providers are always on the lookout for creating a personal, fulfillling experience for their customers. Making the customers the top priority and often going above and beyond to meet individual requirements, local storage providers commonly take the time to discuss specific requirements, not viewing business simply as a money-making scheme. When providing local services, companies often want to provide a service that customers will benefit from and will want to come back to. The dedicated and knowledgeable storage experts will also be clued-up on offering a hassle-free service and will be able to answer any queries relating to storage. Taking this within national reach, an impressive range of customers will be able to experience the personal and friendly experience that local storage providers have to offer.

So, there you have it. While listing just 3 benefits that choosing a local storage provider with national reach can give to you, customers around the globe are starting to realise how important these few benefits really are in business. Whatever you need storage space for, whether you are a business owner with excess amounts of products, a trader, or are part of a specific industry, local storage providers within national reach such as Franklin Logistics are certainly to be depended on.