Ever wondered how you can cut down costs in business while protecting your products at the same time? Transporting and transloading goods can be an unreliable process if you use a company with low standards. It’s common for products to get damaged during the shipping and delivery process, triggering customers to send the product back, demand a refund, and be put off from buying products from your company in the future. So, how can you make this troublesome process easier? This is where direct access to rail lines can help you out massively in business.

Businesses all over the world require transportation and transloading to get their products from one location to another, fulfilling customer needs. Transloading deals with transferring an item from one type of transportation to another, being commonly employed on long journeys when one type of transport can’t be utilized for the whole journey. This is usually the case within international shipping. Therefore, these processes are important in expanding your business globally to reach other countries and continents.

Direct access to rail services across different locations

Companies such as Franklin Logistics offers direct access to rail lines, being served by 2 Class 1 Railroads, CSX and NS. This prompts convenient rail loading and unloading, creating solutions for previous struggles in this area. Putting impressive 5000-30000-pound heavy-duty forklifts to good use, Franklin Logistics ensures that its customers can benefit from these solutions with the care and expertise of expert handlers. Additionally, the offer of dry bulk loading and unloading with belt conveyors as well as liquid and gas transloading extends the needs that this company can meet for clients in a range of industries. This company is always there at each step in this efficient journey to discuss your needs in terms of transportation and storage.

The benefits of direct access to rail lines

As a mode of transportation, rail lines have a lot to offer customers when it comes to enhancing their businesses. One of the biggest benefits of rail services is that they are fairly dependable, being the least affected by weather compared to other types of transport. This may be because rail is incredibly organized. With fixed schedules and routes helping keep things in order, this service makes things predictable, timely, and regular – perfect for any business relying on an efficient service.

Direct access to rail lines can also save you money when transferring products since it is suitable for holding bulk items and heavy goods, even over long distances. It is much more economically efficient to manage bulk items rather than singular ones and can also save time. This is, therefore, very attractive for companies wanting to transport large numbers of items, knowing that a heavy load will be treated with care and stored securely on its journey. After all, rail transport will be able to hold a lot more than motor transport, having an extremely large capacity. The addition of wagons can easily add more space when needed, which also adds to the efficiency of this type of transport by getting a larger capacity of items from one place to another.

When thinking about fair costs, railway transport is also a quite cheap type of transport as most of the expenses of railways are fixed. With usually only one train driver and one guard monitoring the train, rail services are very economical concerning the uses of labour.

While being economical, trains are also known for covering large distances at high speeds. With a cleverly constructed railway network, rail lines are designed to efficiently travel from city to city while avoiding road traffic. This makes rail transport one of the speediest types out there aside from air transport.

Finally, one of the most important things to note about rail when thinking about the transportation of products is that it is said to be the safest mode of transport. Chances of breakdowns and accidents are minimal compared to other types of transport. Therefore, business customers can be more reassured that their products will be transported with the highest protection.

So, since rail transportation has a lot to offer companies in terms of saving money, efficient timing, and efficient protection in bulk, you should certainly consider looking into businesses such as Franklin Logistics which offers its customers direct rail links in transportation processes. This will help take your business to the next level by spreading your products to different locations in the most efficient way possible.